Follow the Panda- A Viral Meme

Hi everybody!

My name is Nicole and i’m a graphic design student at the Art Institute of Seattle. In one of my classes we were given the assignment to create a viral meme, and that’s exactly what i’m doing. I’m guessing you found this site either because you are in my Survey of Design class or you saw the pandas posted around your city. My objective for posting the pandas was to see if people would, first of all, notice them and then see how many people would actually come to this site and read more about it. My main goal is to see how big this fun little idea can get. With your help I can achieve that goal. All you have to do is spread the word by printing out more “Follow the Panda” signs and post them around wherever you live, it’s that easy! Also if you want to post pictures of pandas where you saw them or where you have posted them, that would be great! Thank you for your help!

~Printable panda poster



Modernism (art), Modernity (culture), Postmodern, (adjective) postmodernism (the art), postmodernity (the culture).

Modern is a movement that has been around for a while, probably since post enlightenment in themid 1800’s

Then there was the industrial revolution when the steam engine was created and there was the birth of many philosophies and democracy.

Then in the lecture we talked about Romanticists, Empiricists. Neoclassicists. Romanticists believed in the theory, practice, and style of the romantic art, music, and literature of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, usually opposed to classicism. Empiricists believed that all ideas and categories are derived from sense experience and that knowledge cannot extend beyond experience, including observation, experiment, and induction. And Neoclassicists brought back the revival in the 18th and 19th centuries in architecture and art, especially in the decorative arts, characterized by order, symmetry, and simplicity of style.

Modernism was also said to have a utopian attitude, which basically believes in an ideal society.

The “NEW” is possible.
The “BEST” is possible.
It is about the visible
It believes that a style has an essence.

Form following function.

Post modernism is a vague term used to describe the many approaches to art that followed up Modernism
Experience things via representation.

Postmodernism (as an art form) is a broad set of artistic tactical approaches to the world around us. It seems to make people aware: of how language stipulates reality, of how the corporate landscape shapes our notion of nature, of where reality stops and art/media begins (or sometimes doesn’t)

The idea of “readymade art” comes from a 100 years earlier DADA movement. Duchamp’s bottle rack did pretty much the same thing. But the idea is fundamentally different to the idea of a “Hybrid” or an “Amalgam”

The idea that “Nothing is new under the sun” and that our only option is to beg, borrow, steal and “re-contextualize” is fundamental to Post-Modern work.

The Hybrid takes two or more dissimilar styles or concepts and places them in such a way as to create something new, frequently showing us what really made up the original styles

Postmodernism also involves the concept of something being a version of itself.

The idea is very playful and frequently references our associations and language. Once can see this most frequently in architecture. It’s from rarely follows it’s function.

Amalgamate- Hybrid of styles
Context is everything: Hip hop samples
A playful self-aware version of itself
Frequent references to language and culture

Week 1: Applied Design

Week 1: Applied Design

As graphic designers, it is our job to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary, whether it is a simple logo to a magazine layout. We are hired to think outside the box to come up with creative designs for whatever … Continue reading

Hello Survey of Design Class!

I’m definitely not new to the blogging world. I’ve been blogging on the internet since I was about 15 years old so that gives me about 6 years of experience. I’ve used so many programs, I feel like I know them all, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr. You name it, i’ve blogged on it. But i’ve never blogged about a class, it’s always been about me and the things that I did day to day, so i think it will be interesting to see how I can interpret the lectures given every week in class into my own words to share to all of you reading this. Hopefully it doesn’t come out as a jumbled mess or words, phrases and pictures, but as something people can read and understand and hopefully get a better understanding of what is being explained in this class. It may be a bit rocky at first, being new to the graphic design world, not knowing all the terminology and such, but i’ll get there…..eventually.