Branding Field Trip

For our field trip we were told to find 3 different stores, and pay attention to specific things like color palette, typography, texture, lighting, and density. Our group decided to choose stores with a demographic of older, say 40-55, women who aren’t really on a budget and want to look nice. They probably still have a job, so they are looking for a more professional look.

One of the first stores we went into was J. Crew. Looking at their clothes you can tell that they are trying to sell towards a younger audience by using brighter colors and looking more towards the trends that stores selling to a younger crowd are using. Looking at the J. Crew website it becomes pretty obvious.  They are using younger models as well as brighter colors to give a fresher feeling to the brand. There is a feeling of sophistication but that there is still time for fun.








But when you go to the store the brand feels totally different. Typography in the store is almost non-existent, only being the name of the store at the storefront. The walls are covered with wood paneling and the lighting is dim to give a feeling that you walked into someone’s personal study. The sales associates are dressed to the T in professional looking clothes, like they are about to go to a very important event or business meeting. Even the window displays give a feeling of professionalism instead of fun. The website would make sense if the store had a lighter, brighter feeling to it. But instead the store gave off a feeling that was darker and felt very important.











The second store we went into was Eileen Fisher. This store was definitely branded for someone who is a little bit older and willing to spend a lot of money for something. Looking around the color palette was very simple with a lot of neutral colors.  There wasn’t a lot of typography; instead they had a giant tv screen showing many of their looks. Their website definitely goes with the feeling of the store, except for the fact, like J. Crew, they use younger models when they clothes are obviously made for older women. They are also going towards a more monochrome look. The typography they did have is very easy to read and feels a little bit more professional with all the letters being the same size and in all capitol letters.
















The third store we looked at was Banana Republic, which is definitely for the same demographic but for someone is isn’t willing to spend as much but looking for something professional. Looking at the store then online, they feel the most consistent throughout. They are also using models that are younger then their demographic. Their clothing is a little bit more casual then the other two stores but still has a professional feeling to it. The store is definitely brighter and has more typography then the other 2 stores. The typography is more elegant of the other two but still feels very easy to read and similar to both J. Crew and Eileen Fisher.















The next three stores were chosen by our teacher to look at. The three stores were All Saints, Anthropology and Urban Outfitters. First we will look at All Saints. All Saints seemed very classy, from the outside it doesn’t seen that fancy, it gives off and older style feeling to it, almost western but when you walk it, it is totally different. The demographic for all three of these stores is girls and guys, 20-30 who have a lot of extra money to spend. At All Saints if gives off the feeling that you are on a set of a movie. A lot of the clothes are overpriced but give off the feeling that actors and actresses would be wearing these clothes, They have ipads around the store showing you different looks and they have a lot of props set up in the store. There isn’t a lot of typography, except for the main store logo but it feels like it belongs in another century.
















Anthropology is definitely for someone who has money but wants to look like they don’t have money. Their store feels like you are walking into someone’s house and looking at all their crafty ideas. The feeling of the store is very colorful and eccentric. There isn’t a lot of typography in the store as well except for on the front of the store.  The clothes are targeted for people who like to look a little bit nicer and the princes are higher. There is a feeling of the store being classified as being “hipster but not as much as Urban Outfitters.




















Urban Outfitters was the last store on the list. Their store is definitely hipster. They have a lot of clothes that don’t really go together but for some reason go together? Their typography is timeless in a way because it is so ordinary while their store is not. This store is marketed more towards teens who don’t care about spending their parents money to look like they don’t spend money. They sell a lot of trinkets in the store. The store feels like someone took all night to make every display and to make sure that the colors don’t exactly go with each other but at the same time they do. There is a little bit more typography in the store and it almost goes with the store front type, very easy to read but have a feeling that even though they are trying hard not to spend a lot of time on it, they did spend a lot of time on it.


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