Follow the Panda- A Viral Meme

Hi everybody!

My name is Nicole and i’m a graphic design student at the Art Institute of Seattle. In one of my classes we were given the assignment to create a viral meme, and that’s exactly what i’m doing. I’m guessing you found this site either because you are in my Survey of Design class or you saw the pandas posted around your city. My objective for posting the pandas was to see if people would, first of all, notice them and then see how many people would actually come to this site and read more about it. My main goal is to see how big this fun little idea can get. With your help I can achieve that goal. All you have to do is spread the word by printing out more “Follow the Panda” signs and post them around wherever you live, it’s that easy! Also if you want to post pictures of pandas where you saw them or where you have posted them, that would be great! Thank you for your help!

~Printable panda poster